Touristy fun in Lima: Visiting MALI and Circuito Mágico del Agua (Parque de las aguas)

¡Hola todos! In this blog post, I am going to be sharing about my experience at MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima) as well as my visit to the Circuito Mágico del Agua or Parque de las aguas here in Lima last weekend.

I was REALLY looking forward to this trip with my program because my host mother kept mentioning the Circuito Mágico del Agua as something that I must see before leaving Lima (it is one of the more touristy things to do here in Lima from what I understand) and it definitely fulfilled all of my expectations! However, before I get into all the details about the Parque de las aguas, let me first begin by talking about Lima’s wonderful art museum A.K.A. MALI!

Lima’s art museum, MALI, located in the Palacio de la Exposición in Lima’s historic center traces back from early history (the Andean civilization) until contemporary times. On the first floor of the museum the temporary art exhibits can be found while on the second floor the permanent collections are held. The current exhibition that was on the first floor when I went last weekend with my program was called Plata de los Andes (see pics. below from the exhibit). We also had a guided tour on the second floor of the museum in which we learned about the various portraits and images in Peruvian history. We were asked to do an activity at the end of our tour in pairs, in which one person in the pair was to draw while the other person had to give descriptive directions of what the other person should draw based on a large painting that was in front of us. Once we finished upstairs touring the permanent collection we went to the museum café on the first floor for a little coffee break before heading over to the Parque de las aguas. I am planning on going to another art museum here in Lima sometime within’ the next month called Museo Larco which I have heard really good things about so stayed tuned for a post on that before I leave Perú.

Now, about Circuito Mágico del Agua A.K.A. Parque de las aguas! Also located in downtown Lima, this park inaugurated in July of 2007 and consists of 13 different interactive fountains. You can even walk through some of these fountains without actually getting wet like the one I am pictured in below which I just found out is called the “Tunnel of Surprises”. Since it was evening time and pretty chilly out when we went last weekend, I decided not to get super wet and only walked through the fountains that seemed like would keep me dry. There were kids there though that were having the time of their lives walking through the fountains and getting wet. At night time the fountains are lighted with different colors and it is really a magical sight to see. With my program we stayed for the first show at 7pm and got to see the magic happening right before our eyes (see photos below!).

Inside of MALI: 

Plata de los Andes exhibit 

Touring the museum’s permanent collection  This is the image that we were asked to work with for the drawing activity at the end of our tour:

At the museum café for our much needed coffee break! 

Circuito Mágico del Agua – Parque de las aguas!  Walking through the “Tunnel of Surprises”: 

A truly magical show!

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Hi everyone! I'm Emily Augenbraun, a junior at Bryn Mawr college majoring in Spanish with a minor in Latin American Iberian and Latino Studies. The purpose of this blog is to recap some of my adventures during my journey abroad this semester in Lima, Perú. I hope that you enjoy reading about my time abroad!

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