Long time, no blog post: brief recap of what’s been going on this past week here in Perú!

Hi again everyone! I am back with a new blog post (finally!). I apologize for not posting anything in the past week and a half or so but I’ve been extremely busy with studying for my Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú midterms (which are now over – phew).

So instead of making a super long post about each day in the past week, I decided I’ll just give a brief summary to touch on some things I’ve been doing (outside of studying for my midterms, of course).

Since I did need to study a lot last weekend because the education system is different here from that of my home university (Bryn Mawr College), I didn’t really get a chance to explore anywhere outside of Miraflores; however, I did have the opportunity to find some interesting new food places around my neighborhood.

Last Saturday I took a little study break midday and had my first Peruvian taco experience! (See photo below – sorry this wasn’t the highest quality picture of my taco but it was honestly such a good taco, the photo does NOT do it justice). It was different from a typical Mexican taco because it was much larger and they really stuffed it inside with a lot of chorizo and chicken (I got a “Taco Mixto” so it came with chorizo, chicken, some beans, cheese, and some other fillings). There was no sour cream in it but instead there was mayonnaise and even ketchup for some reason (not really complaining though, it was still pretty delicious!). To me, it was more like a burrito than a taco.

On Sunday, my entire IFSA group went out for dinner together. We had “Comida Arabe” (Arabic Food) at a place called Tierra Santa right here in Miraflores (See photos below!). Half of our group ordered the banquet style dinner to share several different dishes. I was loving the grape leaves – they were probably my favorite part. Oh, and the hummus with falafel of course! Nothing could really ever compare to the falafel I had when I was in Israel but all in all, it was still super tasty!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I had to take my midterms at college but now that they’re over, I can finally relax a bit for the weekend. I’ve decided to take a small weekend trip (or should I call it a vacation?) to Ica and Huacachina this weekend until Sunday so I will be sure to post upon my return to Lima to give updates and details about how my trip went!

FINALLY… here are those pictures of the delicious foods I mentioned in the above post:

Taco Mixto  Grape Leaves!  Comida Arabe The HUMMUS  Group Selfie… 

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Hi everyone! I'm Emily Augenbraun, a junior at Bryn Mawr college majoring in Spanish with a minor in Latin American Iberian and Latino Studies. The purpose of this blog is to recap some of my adventures during my journey abroad this semester in Lima, Perú. I hope that you enjoy reading about my time abroad!

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