Visit to La Punta, Callao this past weekend

This past weekend was a longer weekend here in Lima because yesterday (Monday, October 8th) was a “Feriado” (Holiday). It was “Batalla de Angamos”, a battle that was fought between the navies of Chile and Perú at Punta Angamos on October 8th, 1879.

Since it was a longer weekend, I decided to take advantage of some of my extra free time and visit another district here in Lima: La Punta. La Punta is one of the seven districts that makes up Callao. It is a pretty cool spot here in Lima because it is practically surrounded by water (the Pacific Ocean). It was extremely quiet and empty there this weekend when I went. I am not completely sure if it is always as quiet as it was this past Saturday but I honestly really enjoyed the serenity and peace I experienced while being there. Perhaps due to the cloudiness there were less people at La Punta than usual. It’s definitely a place that I’m looking forward to returning to as the sun starts to come out and the weather warms up.

The beach at La Punta is different from the typical sandy beaches that I am used to back in the states. This is because the beach at La Punta is “una playa de piedras”, composed of little pebbles and rocks. I wasn’t able to actually go into the water this past weekend because it’s still a bit too cold for that. Nevertheless, the view of the water from La Punta was spectacular and I’m so glad that I took the time to make this trip this weekend.

From Miraflores, it was about an hour and a half bus ride (took two buses to get there).

Below are some pictures I took while at La Punta. My lunch pictured below was a plate of Arroz Chaufa con Pescado (the tastiest fish I’ve had here thus far!).

La playa de piedras – Punta, Callao, Perú (you can see what I mean about how cloudy it was…)  Another part of La PuntaLunch: Arroz Chaufa con Pescado (YUM!) Some other photos I took while walking around Callao/La Punta:

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